Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade Wreath

So I really wanted a wreath for my front door and headed out to Michael's for the supplies... Unfortunately the wreath I wanted to make would have cost about $30

Luckily the wreath I made only set me back $6.00 thanks to the good old DOLLAR TREE 
I bought two thin grapvine wreaths and wired them together. Then I spent an hour or two cutting, jamming and wiring little flowers into place.  Gotta love the dollar tree, who knew it contained so many fake flowers?

Another afternoon project was painting some labels onto my canisters... the plain white container needed some improvement.  Using carbon paper I traced the letters onto the canister, painted it and sealed it with a protective spray.  It turned out just like I hoped it would!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Super cute!
    Where do you find carbon paper? Is that also what you use to put words on your signs? :)


  2. Yes it is! You can find it at Michaels. It comes in packs of 3 sheets for around 1-2 dollars. It really is a great guideline when painting. Hope you're doing well :)