Monday, August 27, 2012

The last weekend of August... Where'd the summer go?

I enjoyed my time in Pennsylvania but it is good to be back home with Cameron.  We had a wonderful weekend :)

Saturday night we went out to dinner at the Briargate Manor.. Neither of us had ever heard of the place but we had a coupon and thought we would check it out.  There wasn't a bad review on the internet and we agreed the place was AWESOME! 

Sunday after church we went to a pre-season Broncos game.  There were 70,200 people there. Unfortunately thet Broncos lost but we're expecting good things for the season.. I'm really looking forward to  when they play the Steelers next weekend.

Of course we needed orange and blue attire!! Like our matching shirts? :) 

We asked someone to take our picture but we weren't ready for it.... hahaha! pity, it would have been a nice picture

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