Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closet Makeover

My parents have completed so many cute projects around their home, I just can't help but share them on my blog.. (this project is one of my favorites).

Our old dining room was turned into what we all call, "the coffee room." My parents got the creative idea to turn the junk filled closet into usable counter space. At our local re-use it store they found an inexpensive counter top and tiles. Pair that with a few cupboard doors and coffee pots and you have an adorable little addition to your room... much cuter than a closet.

I made these labels using painted, distressed pinewood and card stock. They are cute to set in front of the coffee pots and drinks when entertaining guests. 

... All this almost makes me want to drink coffee.... mind you I said ALMOST


  1. This is the best coffee "bar" I have ever seen! Our house had a wet bar when we bought it and we made it a coffee bar...but I'm still in the process of painting and making it look how I want it. But this...adorable!!

  2. Turning a closet into a coffee bar! That is an AWESOME idea! Love it!