Friday, April 20, 2012

Summertime Ready

We have just been spoiled with BEAUTIFUL weather!! After spending the entire day outside today, i'm starting to really get antsy for summertime.  I thought i'd share some pictures from my parents property...

 My mom and dad had a huge bowl and stand in our garage.  With a little bit of wire, wood and soil my husband and I turned it into an herb garden for my mom.  Mmmm fresh herbs are just so good, basil is my favorite.

Last year at this time this is what our barn looked like...

 .....after many hours my dad managed to transform it into an adorable little barn. ideally they'd love to turn it into a guest home, but for now we have it filled with all of our crafts and utilize it as a work space. Not everyone has the luxury of a craft barn, and is definitely going to be one of the things I miss most after I move.

Happy spring! :)


  1. That little barn is adorable! How fun!

  2. yeah britt for starting a blog. will def be following it. LOVE your creativity n just may have to steal some of your ideas. so good talking to you at church yesterday. will be praying for you and brooke on your loooong drive!